Fellowship of the Parks Church
Fellowship of the Parks Church
Spiritual Health Assessment
None of us are an accident. God created us for a purpose: to live a purpose driven life. We are called to balance God’s five purposes in our life:

Honor: Planned for God’s pleasure
Connect: You were formed for God’s family
Grow: You were created to become like Christ
Serve: You were shaped for serving God
Share: You were made for a mission

It is our calling, our purpose as followers of Jesus, to balance these five aspects of the life he has called us to. But how do you know if you are balancing the five purposes in your life? To help you evaluate your own life in light of the five purposes, we have put together the Purpose Driven Life Spiritual Health Assessment. The assessment involves rating yourself on a series of statements designed to get at the heart issues behind each of the purposes. Once you have completed the assessment you will have a snapshot of how well you balance the five purposes in your life. This snapshot will enable you to see areas in which you may need to pursue further growth and areas where you have a strength that you could share with others who may need your insight to help them grow in that area. We have included a health plan that gives some ways you can start to grow on purpose.

It is important to understand that this assessment and the items contained in it are only a starting point and are not intended to be all-inclusive of every aspect of life and faith. As a starting point, they are merely a way to begin thinking about how you are balancing God’s purposes for you life. Remember, we will not be perfect this side of heaven so don’t use this assessment to grade yourself in terms of perfection. The assessment is to be used as a way to help you see where you might want to pursue growth and to point you in the direction of growth opportunities. This will help you form a plan that will help you balance God’s five purposes in your life.
As you read each statement, decide to what degree that statement is characteristic or descriptive of you. Use the following scale to make your assessment.
Connect: You Were Formed for God's Family
I am genuinely open and honest about who I am:
I regularly use my time and resource to care for the needs of others:
I have a deep and meaningful connecting with others in the church:
I have an easy time receiving advice, encouragement, and correction from others:
I gather regularly with a group of Christians for fellowship and accountability:
There is nothing in my relationships that is currently unresolved
There is nothing in the way I talk or act concerning others that I would not be willing to share with them in person:
Grow: You Were Created to Become Like Christ
I am quick to confess anything in my character that does not look like Christ:
A review of how I use my finances shows that I think more about God and others than I do myself:
I allow God’s Word to guide my thoughts and change my actions:
I am able to praise God during difficult times and see them as opportunities to grow:
I find I am making better choices to do what is right when I am tempted to do wrong:
I have found that prayer has changed how I view and interact with the world:
I am consistent in pursuing habits that are helping me model my life after Jesus:
Serve: You Were Shaped for Serving God
I regularly use my time to serve God:
I am currently serving God with the gifts and passions he has given me:
I regularly reflect on how my life can have an impact for the kingdom of God:
I often think about ways to use my God-given gifts and abilities to please God:
I enjoy meeting the needs of others without expecting anything in return:
Those closest to me would say my life is a reflection of giving more than receiving:
I see my painful experiences as opportunities to minister to others:
Share: You Were Made for a Mission
I feel personal responsibility to share my faith with those who don’t know Jesus:
I look for opportunities to build relationships with those who don’t know Jesus:
I regularly pray for those who don’t know Christ:
I am confident in my ability to share my faith:
My heart is full of passion to share the good news of the gospel with those who have never heard it:
I find that my relationship with Jesus comes up frequently in my conversations with those who don’t know him:
I am open to going anywhere God calls me, in whatever capacity, to share my faith:
Honor: You Were Planned for God’s Pleasure
How I live my life shows that God is my highest priority:
I am dependent on God for every aspect of my life:
There is nothing in my life that I have not surrendered to (kept back from) God:
I regularly meditate on God’s Word and invites Him into my everyday activities:
I have a deep desire to spend time in God’s presence:
I am the same person in public that I am in private:
I have an overwhelming sense of God’s awesomeness even when I don't feel His presence:

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